Let’s Make Solitaire in Unity Part 1: Set Up and Shuffle

In part one we take a quick look at the background, confirm the rules of Klondike Solitaire and start to set up the scene. We acquire the required assets and start on the first scripts to generate a deck of cards and shuffle them.

Play Solitaire in your browser

Download the Unity Package

Royalty free assets:

Card sprites available at Opengameart.org

Card back sprite from Pixabay.com

Fisher Yates Shuffle extension from Stack Overflow.

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Auto-Aiming in 3D Space Using Player’s FOV

In this tutorial we take a look at using a player’s field of view (FOV) to detect whether or not it can see an enemy. If the player can see the enemy then they automatically aim towards it.

This is achieved by attaching a simple script to the part of the player that needs to rotate towards the enemy and letting it know what the enemy GameObject is, where the FOV should eminate from, the speed of the rotation and the angles that limit the FOV .

Play test the demo scene online here.

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2.5D Rotating Tower Effect For Platformers

In this tutorial we take a look at how to make a 2.5D Rotating Tower effect for a platformer game. This effect was made famous in games like ‘Mickey Mania’ and ‘Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday’ and historically required some creative trickery to pull off. Now, using 3D objects alongside a 2D character it is really easy to create a similar effect quickly and easily.

Play test the level here.

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Animated Enemy That Auto-Aims At The Player

In this tutorial we take a look at creating a game from start to proof of concept. The player faces off against an animated enemy that is able to constantly adjust its aim in order to fire at the player. We see how animations impact Gameobject hierarchy and how to create a playable game using only the most basic of sprites – a 1×1 pixel white dot.

Play test the game online here.

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