Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you make Indie Games?


 Isn’t Subspace Shortcuts essentially just like that other game about wormholes that had a catchier name?

A. The core mechanics of this make it a very different animal, with the focus more on 2D platform based puzzling. That said, it was my all time favourite game.  I have made sure to give their IP a wide birth – taking inspiration rather than imitation.


 Level x is broken.

Let me know! I’ll fix it.

 Q. I finished all 75 levels, unlocked all the balls and collected every star.

A. Wow. If there is enough popular demand I’ll keep the updates coming.

 Q. I’ve made a level, how do I save it and share it with my friends?

A. If you find the game folder on your android device then you should just be able to copy and paste it via USB. Be careful though – you may overwrite your friend’s own creation if they also had a save in the same spot. I do want to make this process easier in the future.